The Studio Mascara design studio manages to combine innovation and technical knowledge, directing them towards the optimization of the production process, thanks to a complete, expert technical consultancy, design, design and footwear structure.

We provide stylistic and technological indications based on industrial skills, in-depth knowledge of materials, familiarity with the market and the end customer and their needs. We follow the clients in the various phases for a collaboration and a quality advice. This requires continuous updating and knowledge of new technologies, fundamental duties according to our corporate philosophy and values.


Our offices are devoted to energy saving and recycling is the basis of our activities. For our creations we try to use and propose recycled materials, made in respect of human resources, animals and the environment.


We take care of our employees and the impact our activities have on the environment. We select our suppliers, guaranteeing processes that respect quality control processes and have a low environmental impact.



We commit ourselves daily to grow our company with a view to ethical and sustainable development. The team operates autonomously and with total creative freedom, making choices that are thoughtful and in line with corporate vision and values.


We train every day relating to new people. We take part in seminars and conferences, and we look out into every project with an open mind, every new experience is an increase in our knowledge.

Keep up with the times