Starting from an idea or from the design of a shoe, the design studio adds experience, research, study and technology, everything that a successful shoe making needs.

Studio Mascara offers a team of technicians and designers with experience in the sector. It assists the client in making the project and offers a service of targeted design consultancy. Studio also has state-of-the-art equipment and specific machinery for 360 ° support.

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Stylist Consultancy

From the idea to the project. We collect information and study the market to create a product that communicates the customer’s style in a distinguishable way.


Research and Development

We analyze the competitive system to propose innovative solutions in terms of style, colors, shapes and materials. We follow and study technological innovations.



We look for the latest stylistic trends, we analyze the evolution of the markets and we study the application of new technologies in the production and processing of materials, in printing and design.


Prototyping and 3D Printing

We support the development of the prototype in all phases, with the help of the latest 3D technologies and the experience of skilled craftsmen to make the first sample.


Graphic and Set Up

We define the graphic details, create moodboards and renderings to give life to concrete concepts. We study the complete stylistic aspect, also passing through logos and packaging. We set up trade fair stands and temporary shops.

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