Over 30 years of experience in the footwear and fashion accessories industry allow us to offer our customers a complete, highly professional service that leaves nothing to chance. The Mascara creative studio boasts a thirty-year history: customers are the leading brands in the footwear sector. Fast and changing like fashion, beyond time and geographical boundaries, we make ideas and dreams possible, foreseeing and anticipating fashion trends.


Matteo Scanferla

Founder of the group, following his father at work, from an early age, he came into contact with the main Italian footwear companies.

He knows its dynamics, curiosity and his passion for fashion lead him to deepen and master technical, productive and commercial knowledge.


Valentina Giolo

She is in charge of marketing management, supporting the group’s commercial development.

Graduated in economics, passionate about communication, the master in digital strategy becomes the way to combine her skills with the fascinating world of fashion. It is the glue between the creative department and the client.


Massimo Scanferla

Over 30 years of experience as a stylist for leading Italian companies of international caliber. He works for years in the design team of Lotto and Stonefly, enriching his already wide range of stylistic and technical skills. Women’s footwear, from luxury to comfort, from classic to fashion, has no secrets. Always looking for ideal shapes, colors and innovative materials, it makes each project real and tangible.



Un team di ricerca giovane e talentuoso basato a Londra, supporto di l’ufficio stile sia la direzione commerciale. La scoperta di nuovi stili, tecnologie innovative, e la capacità di anticipare le mode, accompagnano la passione per la moda nel vincente binomio innovazione e scoperta, cardine dello sviluppo dello studio. Londra non si ferma mai e così il nostro gruppo di esperti.